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Native American plans (all metal levels)

Native American plans (all metal levels)

We offer Native American plans for each metal level that are available only to eligible Native Americans* through Covered California. These plans differ from the standard metal level plans in that they allow Native American members to access covered services from Native American providers for no out-of-pocket costs. Members can also choose to access covered services through a Blue Shield participating provider or non-network provider for an out-of-pocket cost.

In addition to the Native American versions of the standard metal level plans, there are also two Native American 300 plans (a PPO and an EPO option). These plans allow Native American members – who qualify based on household income – to access covered services from Native American providers, Blue Shield network providers – and with the PPO plan, even non-network providers – for $0 out of pocket.

These plans are only available for purchase through Covered California.

Get complete health plan details

For complete plan details on our Native American PPO and Native American EPO plans, see the Benefit Summaries and Legal Disclosures below:

Benefit Summary for Ultimate PPO Native American (PDF, 506KB)
Benefit Summary for Ultimate EPO Native American (PDF, 494KB)
Benefit Summary for Preferred PPO Native American (PDF, 515KB)
Benefit Summary for Preferred EPO Native American (PDF, 487KB)
Benefit Summary for Enhanced PPO Native American (PDF, 505KB)
Benefit Summary for Enhanced EPO Native American (PDF, 495KB)
Benefit Summary for Basic PPO Native American (PDF, 508KB)
Benefit Summary for Basic EPO Native American (PDF, 509KB)
Benefit Summary for Basic PPO for HSA Native American (PDF, 498KB)
Benefit Summary for Basic EPO for HSA Native American (PDF, 504KB)
Benefit Summary for Native American PPO 300 Subsidy (PDF, 420KB)
Benefit Summary for Native American EPO 300 Subsidy (PDF, 473KB)

Legal Disclosure (PDF, 916KB)

We also have Summary of Benefits and Coverage Forms that can help you make a decision by providing you with an easy to understand overview of what these plans cover. Visit blueshieldca.com/sbc to obtain the forms.

Pediatric dental

Pediatric dental is an essential health benefit for children under age 19, and must be purchased when applying for a medical plan directly through Blue Shield. We offer four pediatric dental plans to choose from. Download our pediatric dental plans flier for more information.

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